Work-out Alternative (video games)

So many of us own at least one of these video game systems (x-box 360, play station 3 or a Nintendo WII), and usually you would just use this for leisure, but not anymore. These video games have become, our new personal trainer. With new games like the Wii fit which offers aerobic exercises, strength training, balance and yoga and, gives you the same essential workout that you would get in a gym. Some of these games even offer marital arts post-pregnancy workouts.  This is a good alternative if you have a hectic lifestyle or if you can’t make it into the gym. This is a great way to get your kids involved with working-out. Next time you have family movie night change it into family game night your kids won’t even realize they are even working out and a big bonus is that you will be having fun.


Here are some suggestions.     


  Wii Fit Plus

$99.99 for game and Wii balance board ($19.99 without board)

The king of exergaming mixes fun games such as virtual hula hooping, endurance exercises and yoga. It’s frequently the entry game for newbies.


>> EA Sports Active

$59.99 (includes leg strap and resistance band)

The game features 25 exercises and activities such as inline skating and volleyball using the balance board and included accessories.


>> EA Sports Active: More Workouts

$39.99 with nutrition book (accessory pack, sold separately for $19.99, includes leg strap and resistance band)

This personal trainer in a box, which drops Tuesday, features 35 new workouts and emphasizes abdominal exercises.


>> The Biggest Loser


Based on the TV show, the game features trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels as they motivate you through programs of yoga, cardio, and upper- and lower-body workouts.


>> Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout


The game features exercises such as cardio boxing, running and sit-ups, and maintains a calendar of your exercise activity. (It also includes a seven-day trial membership at the real gym.)


>> Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3

$69.99 (includes dance mat)

The newest version of this old-school exergame franchise utilizes Wii-specific motion controls to complement the usual dance steps.


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