Acupuncture : A 2000- Year track Record (According to Times Magazine)


According to Chinese medicine energy called qi (chi) flows through the body across 12 major pathways  called meridians. The meridians correspond to specific organs and body functions . If the flow of qi is blocked , you get sick. Inserting very fine needles at specific points (appoints) along these meridians helps restore the flow of qi . Most doctors believe that needle stick causes the central nervous system to release morphine like pain killers called endorphins. “its re-regulates the body” says Dr. Hui “It can help pain signals off”

Another theory is that acupuncture creates powerful placebo effect . In other words, acupuncture may work at least in part because a person believe it does. In general, Chinese medicine places greater emphasis than Western Medicine on the close relation of mind, body, and spirit.




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